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Surfactants: Ethoxylated fatty acids, castor oils and fatty alcohols

SIMULSOL™ PHA products are hydrophilic non-ionic surfactants used as solubilizing or emulsifying agents in oral or topical formulations.

A range of non-ionic surfactants

SIMULSOL™ PHA products are used to form oil/water or water/oil emulsions.

By combining them with each other or with other emulsifiers from MONTANE™ PHA PREMIUM or MONTANOX™ PHA PREMIUM ranges, it is possible to obtain extremely stable emulsions.

SIMULSOL™ PHA are also used as solubilizers for a large number of active pharmaceutical ingredients and vitamins.

Stable in a wide range of pH and in the presence of electrolytes, they can be used in many oral (syrups, suspensions, etc.) or topical (creams, emulsions, gels, etc.) formulations.

Product references

The SIMULSOL™ PHA range is composed of polyoxyethylated products.

SIMULSOL™ PHA products are differentiated, among other things, by their HLB (hydrophilic-lipophilic balance) value.

They can be used for oral and/or topical administrations.

  Brand Name Chemical Name EO HLB Administration Route
Ethoxylated fatty acids SIMULSOL™ M 45 PHA Premium Macrogol stearate 8 11 Oral/Topical
Ethoxylated fatty acids SIMULSOL™ M 52 PHA Macrogol stearate 40 17 Oral/Topical
Ethoxylated castor oil SIMULSOL™ 1292 PHA Macrogol glycerol hydroxystearate 25 11 Oral/Topical
Ethoxylated fatty alcohols SIMULSOL™ P23 PHA Macrogol Lauryl ether 23 17 Topical
Ethoxylated fatty alcohols SIMULSOL™ 58 PHA Macrogol cetostearyle ether 20 16 Topical
Ethoxylated fatty alcohols SIMULSOL™ 68 PHA Macrogol cetostearyle ether 22 16 Topical


All the products in the SIMULSOL™ PHA range comply with the European Pharmacopoeia and are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

All the regulatory and quality documents required for registration are available on request.


SIMULSOL™ PHA products are designed for topical and/or oral pharmaceutical applications.


Safety Data Sheet

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