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White tablet coating agent formulated without titatium dioxide

SEPIFILM™ White TF is a white film-coating agent free from titanium dioxide, designed for food supplements in tablet form. It has been developed to answer the growing demand for titanium dioxide free alternatives from consumers and manufacturers of dietary supplements.

An efficient alternative for white tablet coating

SEPIFILM™ White TF is a new solution with strong opacifying properties giving a white color to the tablets without titanium dioxide, commonly used for this purpose in food supplements.

SEPIFILM™ White TF succeeds in matching a performance similar to white film coating agent containing titanium dioxide.

Its performance when applied on tablets has been demonstrated by looking at the whiteness and at the opacifying strength:

  • Tablets coated with SEPIFILM™ White TF were compared to tablets coated with a white coating agent containing titanium dioxide, giving similar results
  • SEPIFILM™ White TF has been successfully tested on challenging cases such as dark and spotted cores

Unlocking new opportunities for food supplements

SEPIFILM™ White TF is made of ingredients widely used within the food supplement industry and can be easily applied on nutritional tablets using a standard coating process.

SEPIFILM™ White TF opens the door as well to new labeling options for food supplements, unlocking new market opportunities.

Key benefits

  • Aqueous film-coating of high quality
  • Ready-to-use
  • For instant release
  • Easy to handle
  • Good film adhesion
  • Good logo definition


SEPIFILM™ White TF is allowed:

  • for use in foods supplements and confectionery with no restrictions in the EU
  • for dietary supplements formulations and confectionery including candy and chewing gum in the US

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Leaflet Sepifilm™ White TF

Leaflet Sepifilm™ White TF

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