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SEPIFILM SN - pelliculage pour scellage de comprimés


Film-coating sytem for core sealing

SEPIFILM™ SN is a ready-to-use system designed for film-coating solid particles that are fragile or sensitive to moisture. SEPIFILM™ SN improves the physical properties of the core (hardness, friability).

Tablet sealing

SEPIFILM™ SN has been developed by SEPPIC to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies.

SEPIFILM™ SN is a shellac-based organic liquid film-coating system and provides maximum protection for any tablet sensitive to moisture, UV, air oxidation, etc.

SEPIFILM™ SN acts as a physical barrier with reinforced protection while improving the physical properties of the tablet: hardness and friability.


SEPIFILM™ SN performs the role of sealing agent, before the application of a non-functional film-coating such as SEPIFILM™ Classic, SEPIFILM™ PW or a moisture-protection coating such as SEPIFILM™ LP. It can be used to improve the stability of sensitive active ingredients while strengthening the physical properties of the core.

It is recommended that SEPIFILM™ SN is used “with a ladle” and a quantity of 1 to 3% of the mass of the core is applied in order to ensure its protective role.


SEPIFILM™ SN can only be used for pharmaceutical applications and is manufactured in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) applicable to excipients.

All components comply with the applicable European, US and JP pharmaceutical regulations.

All the regulatory and quality documents required for registration are available on request.

Furthermore, SEPPIC™ supports its customers with a wide range of services, such as Sepischool, a theoretical and practical training course on film-coating, technical assistance from a film-coating expert on customer site and a bespoke formulation offer.

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