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A film-coating agent for sugar-coating

SEPIFILM™ SC is a ready-to-use film-coating agent designed specifically for sugar-coating processes. It provides a high-quality, fine and glossy film coating. It is particularly suited to sugar-coated pills, chewing gums and tablets.


The sugar- and hypromellose-based SEPIFILM™ SC formulation guarantees a homogeneous and reproducible film-coating.

Due to its granular form, it disperses quickly and easily in water, without dust or lumps.

SEPIFILM™ SC provides a fine, white-coloured film coating with a glossy appearance and a slightly sweet taste.

Using SEPIFILM™ SC in the sugar-coating process can also give tablets greater protection against both moisture and light.

SEPIFILM™ SC can be used perfectly with traditional film-coating equipment. Its ready-to-use format can reduce processing time in comparison to traditional sugar-coating systems.


SEPIFILM™ SC can be used for pharmaceutical applications and is manufactured in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) applicable to excipients.

All components comply with the applicable European, US and JP pharmaceutical regulations.

All the regulatory and quality documents required for registration are available on request.

SEPIFILM™ SC is also suitable for applications with:

  • dietary supplements
  • confectionery (sugar-coated pills, chewing gums, etc.)

Furthermore, SEPPIC™ supports its customers with a wide range of services, such as Sepischool, a theoretical and practical training course on film-coating, technical assistance from a film-coating expert on customer site and a bespoke formulation offer. Discover the different services here.


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