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Low-substituted HydroxyPropylCellulose Binder and disintegrant

Low-substituted HydroxyPropylCellulose (L-HPC) is insoluble in water. The excipient absorbs water while increasing in volume. This increased volume provides a rapid tablet disintegration. The L-HPC and NBD range from SHIN ETSU is compliant with Eur.Ph, JP and USP.

Binder and Disintegrant

As cellulose derivative, the L-HPC products have the desired properties for applications that help in the tablet manufacturing process.

  • Good compressibility
  • Binding property, even in low doses
  • Compatible with many active ingredients due to its non-ionic nature
  • Rapid disintegration
  • (Anti-capping)

Product range

The grades in the L-HPC range are differentiated according to their substitution percentages, particle size and particle appearance.

9 grades are currently marketed.

Grade Mean particle size (µm) Hydroxypropoxy (%) Applications
LH-11 50 11 anti-capping
LH-21 45 11 direct compression, wet granulation
LH-22 45 8 direct compression, wet granulation
LH-31 20 11 wet granulation, pellet extrusion, layering
LH-32 20 8 wet granulation, pellet extrusion, layering
LH-B1 50 11 direct compression, fluidized bed granulation
NBD - 020 45 14 wet granulation
NBD - 021 45 11 direct compression, wet granulation
NBD - 022 45 8 direct compression, ODTs


These grades have differing particle sizes and substitutions which leads to different application properties.

L-HPC grades are primarily recommended for wet granulation. NBD grades are recommended for direct compression.

LH-21 and NBD-021 are the standard products.

The products in the L-HPC range are manufactured in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices applicable to excipients.

All the regulatory and quality documents required for registration are available on request.


The Japanese company SHIN ETSU is a leader in cellulose chemistry.

SHIN ETSU develops pharmaceutical excipients and particularly cellulosic polymers for a range of applications such as film-coating, compression and matrices.

SEPPIC™ distributes SHIN ETSU products in Western and Southern Europe and several other countries.


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