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Adjuvant de vaccin vaccinal robuste et stable pour les volailles

Poultry Vaccination - Innovation in Vaccine Adjuvants

A new robust and efficient vaccine adjuvant for poultry

Vaccination is essential for the development of the poultry industry. It guarantees sanitary safety by a sustainable and cost effective control of diseases and by reducing the need for antimicrobial medication.
The aim of each specific poultry vaccination program is to stimulate the most appropriate immune responses against the disease. SEPPIC vaccine adjuvant technologies aim at inducing the required immunity.

A robust oil-based adjuvant to stabilize inactivated vaccines

Some inactivated emulsion vaccines based on antigen media containing enzymes, are well known to be very difficult to stabilize. Merging formulation and immunology expertise, SEPPIC designed a robust oil-based adjuvant, called Montanide™ ISA 71R VG, that fits with all inactivated antigens formulation requirements and improves poultry vaccine properties:

  • Improved vaccine stability: ready-to-emulsify, this oil adjuvant is used to formulate stable Water-in-Oil vaccine emulsions when mixed with antigen medium at room temperature, even with destabilizing antigenic media. It can be formulated at 50 to 70% ratio in the vaccine. The emulsions are fluid and easy to inject.
  • Efficient immune response:  induction of a reproducible, strong and long-term protective immunity at the humoral and cellular levels.
  • High safety profile: this adjuvant comprises a synergic complex of a highly refined light mineral oil and a bio-based surfactant free of animal origin, which has been considered as safe for use in veterinary medicines. Safety studies have shown a high safety profile in poultry.
  • Versatile use: recommended for bacterial, mycoplasma, viral or parasite antigens.

Vaccines expertise corner: choose the right adjuvant

The vaccine technology, the targeted species or other parameters such as antigen type, kinetics of immune response or route of administration, are keys to select the right adjuvant for each vaccine application. Based on his model, SEPPIC team of experts can assist the customer in the selection of the most efficient adjuvant and help in optimizing the vaccine.

Customized Approach for Adjuvant Technology Selection by Our Experts

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