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Micellar Waters

The first micellar waters appeared in pharmacies in the early 90s. Initially prescribed by dermatologists because of their effectiveness on sensitive skin, they have gained huge popularity and can now be found on every shelf.

High tolerance, ease of use, universal

Micellar waters’ success relies on their extreme mildness. Sensitive skin redness becomes a past memory, even the most tenacious makeup is removed and skin’s equilibrium is maintained. Efficient and easy to use, they have been adopted by the busiest users, regardless of sex and age.

Custom made waters

SEPPIC, with its high standard for ingredient tolerance, is the partner to help you achieve the product that will suit every skin type:

For dry and sensitive skin:

  • Oronal LCG/E OD: eye and skin tolerance (preservative free)
  • Proteol OAT PF: to gently cleanse and never dry out the skin (paraben free)
  • Proteol APL: respect of the skin barrier (preservative free)

For normal to oily skin (preservative free, Ecocert/NaTrue/COSMOS approved solutions):

  • Oramix CG 110: efficient oil solubilizer for removing make up
  • Oramix NS 10: removal of impurities and excess sebum

More than cleansing, micellar waters can offer care benefits to the skin. SEPPIC offers a selection of adapted and very easy to use actives:

  • Moisturizing: Aquaxyl
  • Soothing: Sepicalm S
  • Purifying: Lipacide C8G, Lipacide UG
  • Toning / anti-age: Sepitonic M3, Sepitonic M4
  • Brightening: Sepicalm VG WP, Sepiwhite MSH
  • Awakening / anti-puffiness: Adipoless