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Functional Pharmaceutical Solubilizer for Direct Compression

Boosts drug bioavailability & simplifies the tablet compression process

Improving drug efficacy is a constant challenge in pharmaceutical applications, to improve existing proposals or to launch new treatments. A way to improve bioavailability is to increase drug solubilization, especially for the ones that are poorly soluble in water.

Coupling chemistry and co-processing expertise, SEPPIC designed a highly functional dry solubilizing surfactant for oral drug formulations that improves drug solubility and simplifies dramatically the tablets manufacturing process.

Improve drugs bioavailability with a unique dry solubilizer

Produced by a co-process between a mineral powder carrier and a liquid well tolerated non ionic solubilizing surfactant, the dry solubilizer helps combining drug efficacy and tablets sustainable manufacturing process.

The dry solubilizer is designed to improve drug bioavailability for patients, especially for poorly soluble drugs.

When dispersed in water, the solubilizer desorbs quickly from the carrier and becomes available to create micelles and solubilize the drug. Depending on the drug nature, the drug dissolution profile from direct compression tablets containing the dry solubilizer is increased by at least 20% and can be more than twice quicker compared to the control tablets containing only the drug.

Simplify the tablets manufacturing process in a sustainable way

Easy to handle during machine filling operations thanks to powder’s free flowing properties, the dry solubilizer simplifies dramatically the tablets manufacturing procedure.

By enabling direct compression after mixture with other ingredients in powder form, the co-processed dry solubilizer decreases the environmental impact of tablet processing. No more need of dispersion in water, granulation, and drying step, it saves water, energy and time. The dissolution profile of such direct compression tablets is also faster compared to tablets obtained by a wet compression procedure using a liquid solubilizing benchmark: 4 times quicker than a Fenofibrate Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient model.