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Ready-to-use Film-Coating for Dietary Supplements

Color resistance to light exposure with natural-based colorants

Color is one of the first characteristic that influences the consumer perception of a dietary supplement quality. Color is also able to induce emotional reactions that can contribute to product compliance. That’s the reason why the color brightness and stability during all along the use period is so important.

Reaching attractive and resistant colored film-coatings based on natural coloring agent is a must to fit the consumer’s naturalness growing demand. Leveraging its film-forming expertise, SEPPIC specifically designed a range of ready-to-use film coatings for dietary supplements based on coloring foodstuffs that successfully meet the challenge.

What’s new regarding the natural colors origin?

Most of the natural colors are obtained by a selective extraction of dyes from fruits and vegetables such as anthocyanin or carotenoids. These molecules are used to reach bright colors but color stability is often poor when exposed to light.

SEPPIC has designed patent-pending film coating preparations in which the only color source is coloring foodstuffs, that means fruits, vegetables or edible plants and algae concentrates. These coloring foodstuffs are simply obtained by a physical treatment with water, without any extraction or additives and they take advantage of bright and stable film-coating colors.

Coloring foodstuffs as 100% Eco-designed color ingredients

Film-coating with efficient color resistance to light exposure

Building on film coating expertise, SEPPIC converts the coloring foodstuffs in ready-to-use film coatings in aluminum and titanium dioxide free powder form.

When applied on dietary supplements tablets, beyond film-forming performance, the film color is remarkably stable after long term exposure to light.

Available in five colors, the designed film coating combinations offer unlimited color possibilities.


“The laboratory is very proud of this product range. SEPIFILM™ Naturally Colored opens up new possibilities for customers who no longer have to choose between naturalness and high resistance to light exposure.”

Sandra Lefebvre , Innovation and Development Technologies Manager