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Ethnic Products

Each skin type has its own specific characteristics and needs

Ethnic cosmetics were first developed in the United States at the beginning of the XXth century. The concept was created by African-Americans who wanted to straighten and smooth out their hair. Since then, the market has expanded throughout the world and to all types of skins.

The idea of "ethnic products" reflects an undeniable truth that each skin type has its own specific characteristics and needs.

Light textures for Asian skin

Asian skin ages less rapidly than Caucasian skin, but once aging begins, it is faster and associated with problems such as hyperpigmentation and an excess of sebum.

The SEPPIC solution: ingredients and formulas which produce ultra-light, non-greasy textures containing little or no fragrance. SEPPIC produces a complete range of anti-aging, anti-stress, soothing and brightening products.

Ingredients designed for Asian skin:

  • SEPICALM™ S WP: soothing and anti-stress
  • SEPICALM™ VG WP: brightening and soothing
  • SEPIWHITE™ MSH: brightening action for an even complexion
  • SURVICODE™, TIMECODE™, SEPILIFT™ DPHP: anti-aging active ingredients with complementary actions to fight against premature aging and wrinkles
  • VOLUFORM™: anti-aging and detoxifying
  • SUBLIGANA™, CONTACTICEL™, SEPICONTROL™ A5, PHROLOGINE™ BG PF, purifiers for acne-prone skin
  • FLUIDIPURE™ 8G, to reduce dandruff, irritations & scalp odours

And formulas:

  • Brightening cloud veil AS40057: this preparation with texture like a cloud can provide a fresh feeling and immediate light whitening effect
  • Rose Sleeping Pack AS40042: a leave-on mask to refresh your skin
  • Water Care - Fluidity & Emollience EU07341A: “oil-like” sensation
  • Slim Fresh Cream Gel EU07361: a light, non-greasy cream gel with slimming and moisturizing benefits
  • Energizing essence EU07360: Ultra sensorial light fluid emulsion for invigorating wake-up
  • Deo micellar water AS40033: deodorant and refreshing water to eliminate impurities and control body odors
  • Anti pollution ideal care for oily skin - in vivo tested EU07407: Ideal face care for oily skins
  • Drops of Purity - Expert Care EU07406: Anti pollution Elixir to apply just before BB cream
  • BB Cream Geltrap AS40024A: ultra light texture, extra smooth and refreshing feel

More specific in India:

  • Sublime Hair Geltrap Care Shiny Black AS40028A: SOS hair care coloration, nourishes and colors hair.
  • Protective anti-oxidant oil EU07422: the roll-on delivers an Organic Anti-oxidant red oil for a face message. It will relax and soften your skin before applying a day care.
  • Spiritual massage cream relaxing EU07421: relaxing massage cream with soft and non-oily after feel.

Moisturization for African skin

African skin is thicker and ages less rapidly than white skin. But it is also prone to dehydration, acne and depigmentation issues. In addition, curly textured hair is often weakened by chemical treatments, relaxers and weaves.

The SEPPIC solution: ingredients and formulas to unify the complexion, moisturize and purify the skin, and restore strength and beauty of hair fibers.

Ingredients designed for African skin:

  • SEPIWHITE™ MSH and SEPICALM™ VG: to brighten and even out the complexion
  • AQUAXYL™: to moisturize and renew the skin and scalp
  • SUBLIGANA™, CONTACTICEL™, SEPICONTROL™ A5, PHLOROGINE™ BG PF, purifiers for acne-prone skin
  • FLUIDIPURE™ 8G,  rebalances microbiota for skin homeostasis
  • SEPICAP™ MP: a multi-protector that restores strength and beauty to the hair fiber

And formulas:

  • Soothing and brightening glitter serum EU07164: for an even-looking complexion
  • Oil-rich body cream EU06999: for dry and cracked skin
  • Nourishing and repairing hair mask rich in Shea butter EU07041H: for damaged hair

Moisturization and protection for Latin skin

Latin skin is thicker and ages very little, so it is less likely to wrinkle. However, it is more prone to acne, even later in life.

The SEPPIC solution: ingredients and formulas that blend purifying, sebum-regulating, and moisturizing actions for the skin. Products for Latin hair are designed primarily to protect and restore the hair fiber.

Ingredients designed for Latin skin:

  • SUBLIGANA™, CONTACTICEL™, SEPICONTROL™ A5, PHLOROGINE™ BG PF, purifiers for acne-prone skin
  • FLUIDIPURE™ 8G, rebalances microbiota for skin homeostasis
  • AQUAXYL™: a highly effective skin moisturizer that renews the skin

And formulas:

  • Gel scrub mask EU07165: a luxurious product for gentle cleansing and exfoliation
  • Moisturizing serum EU06997: a fresh, ultra-light gel cream
  • Bright and protective hair spray EU07088: a moisturizing and anti-stress spray for daily hair protection