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When Inspiration
Comes from Ecodesign

Responsible formulas that inspire created by SEPPIC laboratories

SEPPIC laboratories have created eight new responsible formulas. This collaborative initiative has been built around the three commitments of SEPPIC Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

Decreasing environmental impact

These formulas are concentrated to limit water use in the packaging process and to reduce the carbon footprint.

Featherweight - So concentrated! So nice!

A concentrated slimming cream that can easily be reconstituted by adding 50% of water. The formula contains the slimming active ingredient RHODYSTEROL™ S and the polymer SEPIPLUS™ S to thicken the water-free formula.

Concentrated Foaming Power, a reconstituted, readily biodegradable, and very eco-friendly formula!

This concentrated formula, rich in active matter (27%), is a cost-effective solution with the foaming ingredients PROTEOL™ APL EF, ORAMIX™ CG 110 and ORAMIX™ GB 10 (very stable, dense, abundant foam). By adding water at the last minute, different foaming products can be made cleanser, shampoo, and more.

Innovating sustainably for customers

Save Water - 4 in 1 Shaving Care is a shaving care formula without use of water: an innovative routine!

  • A high dosage of MONTANOV™ 82 and SOLAGIUM™ AX creates a light soaping effect when applied on moistened skin to delineate the shave area;
  • SEPIPLUS™ S facilitates shaving by providing a gliding effect;
  • SEPICALM™ S WP calms razor burn;
  • AQUAXYL™ gives long lasting moisture after shaving.

Jugaad innovation in cosmetics with minimalist formulas!

Three minimalist detox body care products made from the same six ingredients (including two active ingredients) with varied, inspiring sensory textures and a cold application process: CREAM-GEL or the patented GELTRAP™ technology, with or without EASYNOV™. The formula contains SEPINOV™ EMT 10, a multifunctional polymer; AQUAXYL™, a hydrating active ingredient; and BIOPLASMA™ FA, an active ingredient that removes toxins.

Being a socially responsible company

Formulas that illustrate our commitment to community projects: a responsible commitment!

Responsibly Sourced Palm - Anti-Pollution Cream

A first step with MONTANOV™ 68 MB and active ingredients with Book&Claim certification.

Purifying and Hydrating Cream—Inspired in France—with a “locavore” approach to its ingredients.

The formula’s ingredients originate mainly from SEPPIC expertise and are sourced as near as possible to the research laboratory in Castres, in southwest France. The cream is composed of AQUAXYL™, a hydrating, sugar-derived active ingredient developed by our green chemistry experts; FLUIDIPURE™ 8G, a biomimetic, purifying active ingredient developed with our expertise in lipoamino acids; the biosourced emulsifier MONTANOV™ 202; and SEPIPLUS™, an inverse latex polymer that provides high stability.