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Émulsions à froid

Cold Process Emulsology

Up to 98% energy saving for beauty care

Always willing to be a source of inspiration for the customers by developing surprising textures, SEPPIC designed two emulsion technologies with cold processes. They contribute to decreasing the environmental impact of manufacturing formulations while providing innovative textures and sensorial experiences.

Gel-in-oil proprietary technology (GELTRAP™)

What is a GELTRAP™ emulsion?

GELTRAP™ is a Gel-in-Oil emulsion composed of a high internal gelled water phase thickened by a SEPPIC polymer, and a low external oily phase stabilized by a liquid xylolipidic emulsifying system.

Unique benefits for consumers

  • Well-being sensation with a unique contrasted fresh and cushion effect
  • Moisturizing and strong emollient sensations even with low oil content
  • Long wearing and water resistance, ideal for wet skins
  • Universal minimalist concept

Cold and simple process for energy and time-saving

  • A GELTRAP™ emulsion is easily produced by mixing the gel phase and the oily phase containing the emulsifier using low or high shear equipments. Gel droplets, fragmented during mechanical agitation, are stabilized in the oily phase.
The production of 5kg of a GELTRAP™ saves up to 98% energy and 80% manufacturing time compared to a classical hot-processed oil-in-water emulsion.

Technical performance and advantages

  • Fluid to thick textures
  • Easy and robust formulation to stabilize heat-sensitive active ingredients, glycols, inorganic sunscreens, pigments
  • Rationalized ingredient composition
  • Stabilize all types of oily phases (vegetable oils, esters, silicone oils, mineral oils, etc.)

Cream gel formulation technology

What is a cream gel?

A cream gel is a water continuous emulsion without added surfactant. The oily phase is stabilized by a suitable thickening-stabilizing-texturing polymer. SEPPIC is the pioneer of this technology in beauty care.

Benefits for consumers

  • White, glossy and smooth appearance
  • Sensory profile suitable for all skin types depending on the polymer’s choice: versatile textures from sprayable fluids to thick gels, large skin feel options from fresh & quick-break sensation with a light non-sticky finish ideal for hot climates and humid geographic zones to more rich and comfortable skin feel.
  • Excellent skin tolerance
  • Positive action for the environment

Cold and simple process for energy and time-saving

  • A cream gel is easily produced by mixing the 3 components (water, oil, polymer) using regular equipments. Oil droplets, obtained by fragmentation, are trapped and stabilized in polymeric microgels’ network.
The production of a 5kg cream gel batch saves up to 97% energy and 80% manufacturing time compared to a classical hot-processed oil-in-water emulsion.

Technical performance and advantages

  • Wide formulation pH range from 3 to 12
  • Stabilize up to 45-50% oily phases according to polymer’s performance
  • Convenient for heat-sensitive active ingredients
Cold Process Emulsology = Time and Energy Saving Solutions

Polymer technology corner

These two cold process innovations are driven by SEPPIC polymer technology. SEPPIC polymers are pre-neutralized and ready-to-use, obtained by Inverse Emulsion Polymerization Technology or Precipitation route. They are available in liquid and powder form.

The long term stability of cold process emulsions is ensured by the well balanced visco-elastic rheological profile of polymers and their resistance to high shear.