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Cleansing and Make-up Removal: the First Beauty Steps!

In today’s busy world, too many women are neglecting make-up removal. This daily task is however essential, however, to fully cleanse the skin, and remove impurities that build up over the course of the day. It is a fundamental part of any routine, for which SEPPIC formulas provide solutions for every woman.

Cleansing and make-up removal: the first beauty steps!


SEPPIC believes that make-up removal should not be a chore


To turn the "chore" of make-up removal into a truly pleasurable experience, SEPPIC has created a wide range of make-up removal formulas that are suitable for every woman.

“Classic” women love the cleansing emulsions or gel-creams, to be rinsed off with a lotion or thermal water. SEPPIC offers:

  • A dermopurifying make-up remover, formula EU07104
  • An oil rich make-up removing cream, formula EU06943

“On-the-go” women are looking for 2-in-1 formulas (emulsions, gel-creams, gels, cleansing waters) with no need for rinsing. SEPPIC offers "milk becoming water tonic” make-up remover, formula EU07132, with its unique texture.

"Water lovers" prefer rinse-off foam formulas, which call for a clear water rinse: gels, emulsions, foaming gel-creams, mousses or cleansing oils. These formulas are to be used in the shower or at the bathroom sink. For these women, SEPPIC has designed:

  • Ultra-mild cleansing jelly, formula EU07181
  • Cherry mild foam for face, formula EU07163


Make-up removal for all women!


To formulate a varied selection of make-up removers, SEPPIC offers a wide range of excipients and active ingredients.


The MONTANOV product line: water-in-oil emulsifiers, to formulate a range of ultra-soft textures. An ideal product line for your "green" concepts:

  • Montanov 82 forms rich textures and is particularly suitable for waterproof make-up.
  • Montanov L facilitates the development of light and fluid formulas.

Thickening and stabilizing polymers, to formulate gel-creams and ultra-stable emulsions:

  • SEPIMAX ZEN provides maximum resistance to electrolytes and leaves the skin feeling rich and velvety.
  • SEPINOV EMT10 stabilizes high levels of oily phases and lends an added sensorial advantage to foaming formulas.
  • SOLAGUM AX thickens and stabilizes "green" formulas.
  • SIMULGEL INS100 allows the formation of "milk + 2-in-1 toner" transformation textures.
  • SEPIPLUS 400 provides a velvety, silicone feel to make-up removing textures.

Ultra-soft foaming surfactants, for gentle make-up removal:

  • ORONAL LCG E OD has the benefit of excellent eye and skin tolerability. Ideal for sensitive skin.
  • PROTEOL OAT and PROTEOL APL, derived from barley and apple amino acids, provide a rich and creamy foam.

Active ingredients

These complete the make-up removal and cleansing efficacy of the product, by adding a skincare quality to the formulas:

  • AQUAXYL skin moisturizing and restructuring.
  • FLUIDIPURE™ 8G controls body and scalp scent and restores the skin's acidic mantle.
  • SEPITONIC ™ M3 increasing the cutaneous oxygenation, skin aging prevention and protection against stress and pollution.