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Cosmetic Equality for Men

Yes to cosmetic products adapted to their needs

The concept of male grooming used to cover only shaving products. Today, the male grooming market experiences a significant growth.

A new approach to male grooming

Tomorrow, the product lines will rival women's skincare products. There are several reasons to this development:

  • Men are becoming more savvy in terms of personal care product knowledge and usage,
  • Young men are changing their attitude toward using multiple products designed for specific uses
  • Media put more emphasis on physical appearance to meet generation Y’s expectations.

Here are 3 formulas of the SEPPIC Men’s Care Vanity:

  • Face scrub: ultra-soft and efficient daily scrub combining SEPIMAX ZEN™ for comfort and MONTANOV™ 82 for an ultra-creamy texture.
  • Asian BB cream: easy to use “natural camouflage” formulation with TIMECODE™, radiance renewer, and AQUAXYL™, a hyaluronic acid booster which moisturises and repairs skin.
  • Body care product: non-greasy, fast absorbing formulation using GELTRAP™ patented technology for a high water content emulsion.
Male grooming