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Information to our customers regarding Covid-19 outbreak

Seppic is committed to both the safety of its employees and to continuing the delivery of its products to customers. 

From the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, Seppic has monitored all the suppliers that may be impacted and has ensured that:

  • Safety stocks are sufficient to face potential supply difficulties,
  • Suppliers are not meaningfully impacted in their operations (factories in operation and no constraint on logistics).

Seppic has activated its Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Its BCP covers all activities:

  • Sales administration,
  • Supply chain,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Commercial activities,
  • Marketing and innovation,
  • Finance.

Several measures of the BCP are already activated:

  • Teleworking for all employees who can telework and whose presence on sites is not critical for operations,
  • Adaptation of work organization to limit the risk of cross-contamination between the teams on sites,
  • Personal protective measures,
  • Proper employee conduct in case of symptoms,
  • Increased frequency of sanitizing and cleaning in critical areas,
  • Prohibition of travels,
  • Use of teleconference solutions for meetings,

Seppic is mobilized to ensure the continuity of the supply to its customers.

Last updated: March 24th, 2020