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Hydralixir CC


Fundamental Fluid of Chondrus crispus & Gigartina stellata

HYDRALIXIR™ CC is an algae cellular water, sourced in the heart of Chondrus crispus & Gigartina stellata; a couple of red seaweeds that live together along the wild French coasts of Brittany. It combines sustainable sourcing, eco-conception & naturality.


INCI: Aqua/Water - Chondrus Crispus Extract - Gigartina Stellata Extract

wesource™ introduces HYDRALIXIR™ range, a collection of eco-designed fresh waters, sourced from the marine world.

Chondrus crispus & Gigartina stellata are two red algae, flourishing along the steep coasts of Brittany (France). To resist the desiccation induced by this particularly exposed habitat, the couple of seaweeds has developed powerful adaptation strategies, allowing them to retain the vital sea water into their cells.

HYDRALIXIR™ CC gives you access to this sustainable by-product, eco-designed into a responsible fresh water source.
When replacing a part of drinking water used in formulations, the  Fundamental Fluid of Chondrus crispus & Gigartina stellata helps to reduce its fresh water footprint,creating responsible cosmetics.
A meaningful drop of water, to respect the Planet & to take care of the Beauty!


  • Seaweeds sourced in Brittany (Bréhat Archipelago, France):
    a preserved natural environment  / high quality sea water, controlled by Ifremer / seawater covers algae’s natural needs (no fresh water supply).
  • Reasoned & durable local harvest (charter of good practices).


  • By-product obtained by evaporation (gentle drying process): algae engaged in an existing industrial production / recovery of a lost material / energy-saving technology / water free process.
  • Final production with a low impact on drinking/fresh water resources.


  • COSMOS (Natural) & NATRUE approvals
  • HALAL certification (HCS organism)
  • Non-ecotoxic & readily biodegradable
wesource™ presents HYDRALIXIR™ range: eco-designed & responsible plant-based waters, sourced from the marine world.


  • Solubility: water-soluble
  • Aspect: Liquid
  • Dose: 10 - 50%
  • Listed IECIC China


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