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“Hair Detox” for stressed hair

Hair can be attractive, it expresses an individual’s personality, and is a major factor in looking beautiful. But pollution, many hairdressing practices, and certain harsh cosmetic routines can all stress the hair and leave it damaged.

Consumers are looking for anti-stress solutions that will lead to a healthier scalp and more beautiful hair. For example, more than a third of German women are now changing their hair care and grooming routines (colouring, brushing, etc.), for fear of damaging their hair (1). In Brazil, 30% of consumers say they would be interested in “free from” shampoos, which are perceived as being less aggressive to the scalp and hair (2).

SEPPIC offers a “hair detox” with ingredients that care for the scalp and repair and protect the hair shaft, whilst formulating gentle products that respect the hair.

Scalp care: a more beautiful hair starts here

The scalp contributes to the creation of a hair by providing all the elements required for its formation and growth. With its 230 nerve endings per cm² (3), it is very sensitive to attacks (urban pollution, certain cosmetic routines, etc.). Its skin barrier is affected and its microbiota is thrown off balance.

The link between a healthy scalp and beautiful hair is now a well-established concept in Eastern cultures, and is increasingly accepted in the West (4).

FLUIDIPURE™ 8GTreatment for sensitive scalps
FLUIDIPURE™ 8G, a glycine and sugar biovector, is a multi-purifying active ingredient that protects the scalp. When used in hair care products, it soothes an irritated scalp, eliminates unpleasant odours and reduces dandruff. It also contributes to the equilibrium of the scalp’s microbiota by limiting the proliferation of Malassezia furfur yeasts.

Hydration & repair of a stressed hair shaft

Hair fibre has a complex structure consisting of three parts: cuticle, cortex, and medulla. The cortex gives the shaft its strength and elasticity, whilst the cuticle protects the hair and gives it its shine. When excessively stressed and sensitive to the environment, it deteriorates.

The primary concern of consumers is to moisturise and repair the hair shaft. There is growth in the area of hair treatments (lotions, serums, masks, etc.) making these claims over the last three years, greater than the growth in conditioners (5).

XYLISHINE™ - To moisturise and repair the damaged fibre
XYLISHINE™ is a solution formulated for dull and damaged hair that is dried out due to daily abuse. Bio-inspired ​association of natural sugars derivatives, it restores the moisture level of healthy hair to the damaged shaft. It acts on the fibre surface and closes the scales on the cuticles.

EMOSMART™ and EMOGREEN™ - Shaft repair and hair strength
EMOSMART™ and EMOGREEN™ have an action on the core of the hair fiber significantly repairing it (-50% damaged cuticles) after only one application in a rinse-off conditioner formula. EMOGREEN™ L15 is the perfect ally to protect hair fiber from repeated mechanical stress reinforcing the hair fiber, making it more resistant to mechanical stress.

Protecting the shaft

A 30-cm hair is 30 months old, which represents more than two years’ worth of daily exposure to internal and external stresses. Of these aggressions, UV rays, heat (hair dryer, straightening iron, etc.) and age make the most significant contribution to the deterioration of the hair shaft’s aesthetic qualities. On the one hand, they affect the main components of the cuticle, resulting in dull, brittle, rough hair. On the other hand, they reduce keratin production at the root, so that hair becomes finer and loses volume.

SEPICAP™ MP - Anti-stress ingredient
SEPICAP™ MP protects hair from ageing or external attack, from root to tip. It protects the cuticle from various stresses by limiting keratin degradation and lipid peroxidation. At the root, it allows a healthy hair shaft to form.

Using ‘low-poo’ products is a perfect fit for Hair Detox’s philosophy. The method consists of cleaning the hair gently whilst nourishing it. SEPPIC offers the Cleansing Cream Care Low Poo Concept formula (EU07357), which is enriched with ingredients providing multiple benefits, such as EMOSMART™ V21 to repair the fibre, SEPICAP™ MP to provide thermoactive protection, and XYLISHINE™ for intensive moisturising. This formula is the perfect ally to revitalise damaged and stressed hair!

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Thanks to its wesource™ range of active ingredients and its recognised functional ingredients, SEPPIC offers scalp and hair care solutions that are gentle and respectful to the hair, so that it remains a real beauty asset for a long time.

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