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EU07164A - Glittering Serum for Black Skin

Glittering Serum for Black Skin


Ethnic theme for this glittering serum dedicated to darker skin tones and their target skin problems
  • AQUAXYL™ helps to moisturize the skin,
  • SEPICONTROL™ A5 purifies skin with a tendancy for acne,
  • Thanks to its lightening and soothing properties, SEPICALM™ VG helps to even skin tone .
  • SEPIPLUS™ S which has a good resistance to electrolytes (providing by the 3 active ingredients) and gives an absolute and long lasting comfort,
  • SIMULGEL™ FL stabilizes without thickening this formula which is rich in active ingredients,
  • SEPIMAT™ SB provides softness and a powdery finish to the formula.
  • Cold process