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AS40082 - Gentle purifying shampoo

Gentle purifying shampoo


Purify & protect your scalp thanks to this gentle shampoo!
  • FLUIDIPURE™ 8G shows a significant efficacy versus placebo after 28 days when tested on 23 Asian volunteers. It reduces dandruff by 2.6, itching by 3 and scalp odors by 1.7.
  • AMONYL™ 675 SB gives a light and stable foam followed by a hair conditioning effect.
  • ORAMIX™ NS 10 softly cleans hair and brings a stable abundant foam.
  • SEPIMAX ZEN™ makes the foam more stable, softer and creamier. While maintaining foaming capacity of the formula.
  • A purifying shampoo for sensitive scalps!