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US20129 - Clean for all

US20129 - Clean for all

Gel-crème hydratant mixte

Formulated without silicones or unwanted ingredients, minimalist, Clean for All uses all the Clean Cosmetic codes to meet aware consumers expectations.

SEPILIFE™ NUDE imparts an ultra light & nude skin feel with quick-break effect and natural finish to the formula, ideal for genderless cream gel.

EMOGREEN™ L15 gives to this cream-gel a lightweight and non-greasy skin feel, a unique gliding sensation and a powdery and soft finish.

EQUIBIOME™ balances the skin microbiota, acting as peacekeeper for the microbial communities and strengthens the skin barrier function by managing inflammatory processes. Thus, it promotes microbiota biodiversity for a harmonious skin ecosystem. It also brings moisturization to dry skin and thus make the skin more comfortable.

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US20129 - Clean for all

US20129 - Clean for all

  • mai 26, 2020
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CLEAN FOR ALL US20129 - Texture & Skin Feel