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AS40123 - Flash complexion perfector

Flash complexion perfector


The combination of MONTANOV™ 202 and SEPILIFE™ NUDE, by creating a smooth emulsion, provides light, fresh and velvety skin feeling. SOLAGUM™ AX reinforces the formula stability.

EMOGREEN™ L15 provides lightness and a good glide-on during application.

The association of 1.5% AQUAXYL™ and 3% glycerin provides strong moisturizing ability and reduces TEWL. TALADVANCE™ is a nature-like extract of Talapetraka (Centella Asiatica) for a radiant skin, it can improve cell viability to make skin lighter and long-lasting radiance.

FLASH COMPLEXION PERFECTOR improves the skin appearance and condition thanks to a light texture with a powdery finish!