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 Fire fighting foams

Fire Fighting Foams

Consumer demand influences new product developments

SEPPIC offers a range of “green” surfactants SIMULSOL™ SL, combined with natural rheology modifiers SOLAGUM™ AX, to manufacture green “AFFF” fire fighting foams.


Features & Benefits

Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) concentrates produce foams that extinguish hydrocarbon flammable liquids. An aqueous film is formed on the surface of the flammable liquid by the foam solution as it drains from the foam blanket.
SEPPIC APG based specialities are introduced with success either at 1%, 3% or 6% concentrates.
The SIMULSOL™ range of “green” surfactants, combined with natural rheology modifiers SOLAGUM™ AX, is used to manufacture these “green” AFFF concentrates for carryable fire extinghuishers and sprinkler systems or fireman equipments.


  • Bio sourced derivatives from renewable resources.
  • Rapidly biodegradable under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
  • DID-list v2004.1: favorable Eco-toxicological profiles.
  • Low skin irritation potential as soon as blended with other surfactants (like LES-Na; Betaïnes, FAE…)
  • Actives agents in aqueous solutions at high temperature.
  • Ease to formulate AFFF and all kinds of firefigthing formulations.
  • Stabilizes rich formulations with salts.
  • Improves stock stability of manufactured products.
  • Improves dissolution of surfactants and builders.
ALKYL CHAIN C7 C8-C10 C8-C10 & C12-C16 C8-C10 OXOC11
HLB 13.8 13.8 13 13.8 12.4
CMC mg/l 5831.1 1530 131.5 1530 1350
SURF TENS @CMC (dynes/cm²) 27.9 25.5 27 27.3 26


  Main properties
SIMULSOL™ SL 826 Foam agent, booster of foam growth.
SIMULSOL™ B86 or SIMULSOL™ SL 8 High concentrated sugar lipid, provides a quick foaming and long lasting foam during application.
SIMULSOL™ SL 11W Strong economic wetting agent, reinforces the spread of foam, can be used at low dosage.
SIMULSOL™ SL7G Booster of foam growth


Features & Benefits SL826 B865 SL11W SL8
Viscosity reducer * * * *
Wetting agent        
Foaming agent * * * *


  Chemical description Applications HLB Bio accumulation: Log Pow Degradability
SIMULSOL™ SL 826 APG C8-C16 Wetting & dispersing agent for various applications 12.8 < 1.77 Readily biodegradable 100% in 28 days (OECD 301D) & 61% in 21 days (OECD 306)
SIMULSOL™ SL 11W APG (Undecyl glucoside) Strong wetting ability 12.4 2.15 Readily biodegradable 82.9% in 24 days (OECD 301F)
Good booster for fluorinated surfactant
SIMULSOL™ SL B865 APG (Caprylic capric glucoside) Wetting & dispersing agent 13.8 < 1.79 Readily biodegradable 100% in 28 days (OECD 301D) & 61% in 21 days (OECD 306)

SOLAGUM™ AX, a natural rheology modifier

SOLAGUM™ AX is a “green” plasticizer agent (xanthane gum coated by Senegal acacia gum). It improves film-forming properties and forms a cohesive layer to avoid restart of fire by vapors. Fully recommanded for the new generation of AFFF Concentrates when they are used to fight hydrocarbon fires.