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AS40054 - Equilibrium daily intimate wash pH 5.5

Equilibrium daily intimate wash pH 5.5


An ultra respectful intimate wash for a real equilibrium.
  • Biomimetic active FLUIDIPURE™ 8G maintains the physiologic pH of the skin all the day. Same tolerance* than benchmarks on the market.
  • This formulation contains a soft foaming basis with 6% M.A. containing ORAMIX™ L 30 as foam primary, AMONYL™ 380 BA as foam booster and PROTEOL™ APL as respectful cutaneous barrier for a gentle approach.
  • GELALG™ stabilizes the gel and brings a film-former protective effect.
  • For those in the hurry, a balanced pH for skin and intimacy too!

* MTT test on Skinetic model