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Sugars of rhizomes from Madagascar

Concentrated extract of sugars from the rhizomes of Hedychium coronarium, SAKADIKIUM™ offers wide skin benefits. It acts as a multiprotector when exposed to blue light, UV and pollution.

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INCI: Glycerin - Aqua/Water - Hedychium Coronarium Root Extract

New active ingredient from the rhizomes of “butterfly ginger”, a plant from Madagascar locally known as Sakarivodambo.

The rhizomes are the reserve of vital metabolites for the plant. They are mainly composed of sugars, a real energetic source.

This specific composition inspired us to explore the effect of SAKADIKIUM™ on mitochondrial functionality (consuming sugars) revealing powerful multiprotection activity.

Our skin is  continually under stresses resulting to accelerating aging. These stresses can be external pollution such as blue light,  smoke or hydrocarbons or internal stresses generating insufficient autophagy and energetic metabolism.

SAKADIKIUM™ acts as a multiprotector when exposed to blue light, UV and pollution. This detoxifying approach is contributing to a better brightness on the skin.

As a clinical benefit, the trained evaluation technicians perceive a better brightness (+ 16%) in women exposed to pollution after 28 days of application versus placebo. Self evaluation concludes on benefits from SAKADIKIUM™. Skin is more luminous, moisturized, suppler, softer. Complexion is more radiant, homogeneous.


Solubility: hydrosoluble
Form: liquid
Use level: 3%
Preservative free
China compliant
Certified Ecocert & Cosmos

Sakadikium-Rhizomes Sakadikium-Rhizomes


Safety Data Sheet

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