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Skin protector which detoxifies and reverses the age effects

JUVENESSENCE™ is an anti-aging active ingredient that is a downregulator of progerin for mature skin: -79%

It assures a detoxifying action through proteasome stimulation. It is a skin protector that reverses the age effects. It comes from the Arctic winged kelp Alaria esculenta. It lives in extreme conditions in agitated but transparent waters where sea pressure can exceed 6T/m².

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride – Alaria esculenta extract

It is made up of a web of elastic fibers, which:

  • preserves tissue integrity against compression &
  • ensures cohesion & firmness of all the cell architecture (similar role that proteic fibers & elastin play in the Skin).
  • It is sourced in Europe.

Benefits on volunteers:

After 1 month cutometer:

  • Elasticity: +20%
  • Firmness: +25%
  • Self evaluation: improves firmness: 90%
  • Decreases the depth of wrinkles: 80% of volunteers

Mode of action:

  • Downregulates progerin for mature skin: -79%

Raw material approved by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, in conformity with Ecocert standards on natural and organic cosmetics and COSMOS standards. Natrue approved. RSPO: green palm programme.

Detoxifying through proteasome stimulation

  • In vitro: Proteasome stimulation: +24%

Skin protector

  • Decreases IL1, 6 & 8: -12% to 21%
  • TNFα: -14 %
  • IFNy: -8 %


Safety Data Sheet


  • Solubility: liposoluble
  • Form: liquid
  • Use level: 1%
  • Preservative free


JUVENESSENCE™ AD, Skin protector which detoxifies and reverses the age effects

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