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Thickener & emulsifying polymer for industrial applications

SOLAGUM™ USPI is a polymer based on HSD (Hydro Swelling Droplets). It is produced from water-soluble monomers polymerized in a continuous oil phase. The droplets swell when added to water, thus enabling the polymer to expand. SOLAGUM™ USPI acts then as a thickener & emulsifier in the formulation.


To remember
  1. Polymer in fluid form ready-to-use
  2. Compatible at any pH (2-13)
  3. No heating, neutralizing &maturing phases required
  4. Excellent emulsifier even with silicone oil
  5. Ideal to manufacture sprayable gels


  • SOLAGUM™ USPI is compatible with non-ionic, anionic and amphoteric surfactants. It is not compatible with CATIONIC surfactants !
  • SOLAGUM™ USPI is compatible with the following solvents: monoethylene glycol, monopropylene glycol, glycerol, DMSO, N-Methyl Pyrrolidone…
  • SOLAGUM™ USPI is sensitive to electrolytes. To prevent as much as possible ia drop of viscosity, electrolytes should be added at the end of the process and Solagum™ USPI should be used at a stronger dosage and/or be associated with other tickeners such as Solagum™ AX, vinyl polymers…


Safety data sheet