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The SOLAGUM™ range is a family of anionic polymers with outstanding emulsifying properties that only require stir-in for instant thickening at room temperature.
SOLAGUM™ are polymers based on HSD (Hydro Swelling Droplets); they invert and swell when added to water or an appropriate blend of solvents.


SOLAGUM™ are unique polymers thanks to their ease-of-use:

  • They are supplied in liquid state, as an aqueous solution of copolymers dispersed in isoparaffin.
  • They require neither neutralization, heating nor dispersion.
  • Their thickening and emulsifying effect is instantaneous.

The simple addition of water, appropriate solvent, solvent- or water/solvent-blends to SOLAGUM™ gives instantaneously the corresponding gel at room temperature.

Identity card of SOLAGUMTM grades

Identity Card

Selection of applications of SOLAGUMTM

  • Agriculture - Adjuvants aids for crop protection products & seed coatings: SOLAGUM™ rheology modifiers enhance particle suspension in order to achieve stable formulations throughout storage. They can thicken media with electrolytes or extreme pH.
  • Admixture for cement, concrete & plaster: demolding formulations.
  • Coatings, adhesives & Inks: adjustment of the viscosity of formulations, suspension of elements.
  • Fire fighting foam: adjustment of foam viscosity to improve their cling-time, on vertical surfaces for instance.
  • HI&I: thickening and emulsifying of detergent formulations on a broad range of pH.
  • Leather: emulsification of neatsfoot oil to provide a rich leather dressing.
  • Polishes: SOLAGUM™ rheology modifiers are used to achieve smooth, stable emulsions or polish formulations in any form (liquid, sprayable, pourable paste, thick wipe-on, brush-on paste).