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A concentrated sugar-based short-chain APG

SIMULSOL™ SL 4 C is an alkylpolyglucoside prepared from glucose and butanol. Its numerous properties like low foaming power, wide range of pH compatibility, electrolyte resistance, viscosity reduction  and its safety profile with readily biodegradability, low bioaccumulation potential, no flash nor cloud points make it ideal for a large range of applications: detergency, agro, drilling fluids, chemical synthesis etc.

To remember
  1. Low foaming power
  2. Non-ionic surfactant, compatible with non-ionic, anionic and cationic surfactants
  3. Easy to handle: liquid form
  4. Stable upon heating
  5. Readily biodegradable (ISO 11734 & OECD 301F)

Analytical datas

Chemical/Physical Properties  
Appearance at 20ºC Limpid liquid
Colour (Gardner) 1 - 5
HLB 16.3
Solid content (%) 65 - 75
pH 5 - 7
Freezing point less than - 20°C
Shelf-life 2 years (test for 3 years on going)



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HI&I applications

Low foaming power

SIMULSOL™ SL 4 C has a low foaming power, making it ideal for mechanical cleaning processes like automatic dishwashers, surface washing, cleaning in place …

Multiple compatibilities

Thanks to its non-ionic structure, SIMULSOL™ SL 4 C is compatible with all types of surfactants (anionic, cationic, non-ionic) as well as electrolyte-rich formulations.  They are also suitable to clean specific surfaces like plastics as they do not cause any stress cracking.

Very good stability

Thanks to its structure, SIMULSOL™ SL 4 C is extremely stable:

  • upon heating
  • in highly alkaline solutions
  • in acidic solutions.

Viscosity reduction 

SIMULSOL™ SL 4 C allows a significant reduction of the viscosity of surfactant formulations and is advantageous versus conventional viscosity modifiers thanks to its safety and good biodegradability profile.

Hydrotropic properties

Hydrotropic compounds are common in detergence applications. They allow adjusting the cloud point and clarity of formulas and indirectly influence the cleaning efficacy. They work by destabilizing liquid crystalline phases that may appear. In a study evaluating different APGs, butyl glycoside was assessed the most efficient in destabilizing liquid crystalline phases in a system of water, sodium dodecyl sulfate and pentanol, thus making it promising for stability adjustments in HI&I applications, in liquids as well as in compact formats.

Drilling fluids applications

Booster of shale inhibition in drilling fluids

SIMULSOL™ SL4 C demonstrated interesting properties for drilling fluid applications, especially water-based muds, commonly used in drillings on unconsolidated or depleted geology. The results obtained (see below) indicate good performance and show potential, especially  in the field of low-depths drillings at moderate temperatures.

Chemical synthesis applications

A stable compound to use in synthesis processes

Butyl glycoside is a stable compound to use in synthesis processes. A few processes were documented and unveil its potential :

  • A transglycosylation process with fatty alcohols to synthesize long-chain alkyl polyglycosides
  • An esterification process to synthesize sugar fatty acid esters.

Agriculture applications

A product with ideal properties

SIMULSOL™ SL 4 C demonstrates many benefits seeked by agricultural applications:

  • Low surface tension & wetting properties, thus increasing spreading & penetration of active substances and performance,
  • Electrolyte resistance, important and key in active-ionic-substance-rich formulations
  • No cloud point phenomenon,
  • Environmental-friendly ecotoxicity profile (please refer to the “to remember” section).


Safety data sheet

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