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Alkylpolyglucoside - Excellent foaming properties

SIMULSOLTM SL 8 is a non-ionic surfactant prepared from glucose and C8-C10 fatty alcohols. It is composed of minimum 75 % bio-based ingredient.
It is similar to SIMULSOLTM B 865 excepted solid content and color.
SIMULSOLTM SL 8 is a high foaming and detergent alkyl polyglucoside.
SIMULSOLTM SL 8 surface activity is not affected by temperature (no cloud point) and it exhibits an excellent sustainable profile.

Analytical datas

Analytical data Standard limits Method
Appearance 25°C Limpid S 52-180
Color (Gardner) 5 max S 52 150
HLB 13.8
Solid content 58 to 62% S 52 034
pH 4 to 7 NFT 73-206
Viscosity at 25°C 700 - 1100 cP LV M3 V60
Free alcohol (C10 alcohol) 2% max S 52 239
Freezing point -6°C  
Aerobic biodegradability 100% (28 days) OCDE 301
Sea water biodegradability 61% (21 days) OCDE 306
Shelf life 1095 days
Labels/Limits Suitable for Ecolabel
DID listed
CEFAS (gold rated)
TSCA listed
Dfe-US CleanGredients list


Technical properties

1- Hydrotropic effect
SIMULSOLTM SL 8 exhibits hydrotropic properties that are highly dependant on concentration in the given application SIMULSOLTM SL 8 with intermediate alkyl chain length (octyl & decyl) are highly effective in elevating the cloud point of a solution with non ionic surfactant. This is also true for system containing non-ionic surfactants as well as electrolytes, where a smaller amount of SIMULSOL SL 8 is needed to clarify a cloudy solution compared to short or long-chain

2- Solubilizing effect
Unlike other non-ionic surfactants, it does not reduce the foam but, conversely, promotes its formation. SIMULSOLTM SL 8 is a highly effective solubilizing agent for essential oils and fragrances.
In addition, SIMULSOLTM SL 8 can also solubilize cationic surfactants (such as quaternium-82). SIMULSOLTM SL 8 can therefore be used in the formulation of many different products containing cationic agents.

3- Foaming power
SIMULSOLTM SL 8 can be used in mild cleaning products. It is moderately wetting and its cleansing action is comparable to that of NaLES, making it a mild cleansing agent.
SIMULSOLTM SL 8 produces a satisfactory foam volume, even in the presence of soil.The foam developed by SIMULSOLTM SL 8 is fine and stable.

4- Wetting power
SIMULSOLTM SL 8 is not very wetting, which gives it its dermo-compatible character.

5- Foaming enhancer
Formulas that contain SIMULSOLTM SL 8 as a solubilizing agent develop higher foam volumes. In fact SIMULSOLTM SL 8 boosts volume.

6- Electrolytes resistance
SIMULSOLTM SL 8 is widely compatible in concentrated electrolyte solution, strong alkaline medium and acid ones (pH>3).

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