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A polymeric emulsifier effective at low concentration for W/O emulsions

SIMALINE™ WO is the perfect polymeric emulsifier for the formulation of W/O emulsions and innovative “Gel in oil” emulsions patented by SEPPIC.

An effective and simple to formulate polymer

SIMALINE™ WO is an excellent water-in-oil emulsifier and effectively stabilizes all types of oils at low concentrations with textures ranging from lotions to thick creams.

Due to its supple paste form, SIMALINE™ WO is easy to use at temperatures from 40°C and can be used to formulate water-rich W/O emulsions.

Benefits for the formulator

  • SIMALINE™ WO is compatible with a wide range of oils
  • It can be used to formulate water-rich W/O emulsions, with up to 80% aqueous phase
  • It is effective at low concentrations: ranging from 0.2% to 4%

Innovative sensory possibilities

SIMALINE™ WO's properties can help formulate innovative and varied emulsions, with textures ranging from thick creams to fluid lotions.

In addition to so-called traditional emulsions such as water-in-oil or water-in-silicon emulsions, SIMALINE™ WO can be combined with other SEPPIC products in order to formulate a gel-in-oil or Geltrap™. Geltrap™ is a technology patented by SEPPIC which allows a large quantity of water to be incorporated in the discontinuous phase of an emulsion, offering innovative and surprising sensations and properties.


The Geltrap™ concept, the resurgence of water-in-oil emulsions

Geltrap™ is a gel-in-oil emulsion. This concept has been patented by SEPPIC.

This type of formula can revolutionize the formulation of topical pharmaceutical products due to its ability to incorporate a large quantity of water (up to 80%) into the discontinuous phase.

Geltrap™ technology can be used to obtain gel-in-oil emulsions with exceptional textures using a simple process. This technology offers the formulator a wide range of options in terms of textures and ingredients.

Unique textures and sensations


SIMALINE™ WO is designed for pharmaceutical applications and complies with the European Pharmacopoeia.


Safety Data Sheet

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