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SIMALINE IE 501 A is a low-viscosity emulsifier compatible with unpolar, aliphatic and/or aromatic oils.
On account of its low HLB, it can be used either alone or associated with other surfactants in inverse (W/O) emulsions.

Outstanding stabilization of inverse emulsions in polymerization

SIMALINETM IE 501 A is a low-HLB non-ionic blend of surfactants that may be used in many types of W/O emulsion polymerization, in particular acrylic monomers or derivatives, even highly concentrated anionic or cationic acrylic emulsions.

Its high molecular weight combined with a unique structure allows smooth polymerization to take place with an outstanding stability of the final emulsion in terms of ageing and resistance to high temperature, even during concentration of the acrylic emulsion by distillation, while avoiding coalescence and settling phenomena.

Other possible application areas

  • Oilfield: SIMALINETM IE 501 A hinders flocculation/aggregation, in particular of asphaltene compounds.


  • Blend of a PIBSA derivative with a fatty sorbitan ester based on vegetable and renewable resources.
  • CAS: 118685-26-0
  • Non-ionic emulsifier
  • Function: water in oil (W/O) emulsifier
  • Easy-to-handle: liquid form at 25ºC with low viscosity, max. 4000 cP
  • Soluble in oils, dispersible in water
  • 100 % active matter
  • Water content: max. 1 %
  • HLB: 4.9