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EU07192B - Serum 60+

EU07192C - Serum 60+


Serum dedicated to skin of 60+ with freshness during application

  • Quick penetration, soft finish and comfortable sensation over time
  • Cocktail of active ingredients which answer to specific needs of 60+ :
    • SEPITONIC™ M4 restructures the skin and provides a real "breath" of oxygen to the cells ; skin is more dense and more resistant
    • Double anti-ageing performance of PHYTOAGE™ which fights photo-induced ageing and hormonal ageing by means of its “hormone-like” structure.
    • Powerful antioxidant, SEPIVITAL™ EPC helps combat the phenomena of aging.
    • AQUAXYL™ moisturizes the skin
  • Performance of SEPIMAX™ ZEN: at only 1%, it stabilizes this cocktail, extra-rich in electrolytes from active ingredients, by keeping a translucent aspect

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EU07192B - Serum 60+

EU07192C - Serum 60+

  • July 19, 2017
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