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SEPISTAB™ ST 200 excipient de compression polyvalent

SEPISTAB ST™ 200 Pharma

Excipient for dry oral forms, based on pregelatinized corn starch.

SEPISTAB™ ST 200 is a mixture of native starch and pregelatinized corn starch presented in the form of white, odorless granules. It features both the binding and disintegrating properties of the pregelatinized starch and the excellent flow of the native starch, making it a first class, highly versatile excipient.

SEPISTAB™ ST 200, a versatile excipient

SEPISTAB™ ST 200 provides several benefits, related to the manufacturing process for solid forms as well as the improvement of the final formulation.

Process benefits:

  • Improves the flow of powders, a key point for direct compression or filling capsules
  • Can be used as adsorption medium due to its porosity
  • Has an anti-capping action

Formulation benefits:

  • Improves the stability of active ingredients sensitive to moisture due to its role as a moisture scavenger and its very low Aw value (water activity).
  • Can be used to obtain tablets with a greater hardness without compromising their rapid disintegration in the body, effectively replacing binding and disintegrating agents. The graph below illustrates the performance of SEPISTAB™ ST 200 as a binding and disintegrating agent.

The composition of the tested formulations is as follows:

SEPISTAB™ ST 200 - Excipient effect on tablet hardness and disintegration time


SEPISTAB™ ST 200 is suitable for pharmaceutical applications and complies with the European Pharmacopoeia pregelatinized corn starch monograph.

It is manufactured in accordance with IPEC GMP standards.

SEPISTAB™ ST 200 can also be used in dietary supplement or confectionery applications.


Safety Data Sheet

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