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Ready-to-use coloring systems for film-coatings

SEPISPERSE™ products are compatible with all film types (Hypromellose, HydroxyPropyl Cellulose, acrylics...) and are available in granular or liquid form for extreme versatility.

Granular forms

Like SEPIFILM™, SEPISPERSE™ DRY products have been developed based on HPMC and are used in aqueous phase. For intense colours, they have a high pigment concentration, usually 30% of the formulation.

SEPISPERSE™ DRY products are very easy to use: they are simply added to the film-coating solution (clear or white SEPIFILM™) during the dispersion of the film-forming polymer.

SEPISPERSE™ DRY products can be used to obtain perfectly uniform and reproducible colours using qualitative (PANTONE®) and quantitative (chromametry) measures.

The SEPISPERSE™ DRY range offers a wide palette of available colours.

To get moisture protection, SEPISPERSE™ DRY can be combined with our SEPIFILM™ LP range.


Titanium free options

A range of 9 titanium free references of SEPISPERSE™ DRY with different nature of dyes are available: 

  • 1 black reference 
  • 1 brown reference
  • 1 green reference 
  • 1 blue reference
  • 2 Red reference 
  • 1 Pink reference
  • 2 Yellow reference

Multiple opportunities of shades are possible while combining them together with one of our TiO2-free SEPIFILM™ to get the color that suits you.

Liquid forms

SEPISPERSE™ liquids are incorporated directly into the film-coating dispersions which makes them very easy to use.

There are suitable SEPISPERSE™ Liquids for every type of film-coating:


  • SEPISPERSE™ AS, liquid colouring agent for sugar-based film-coating (sugar-coating)
  • SEPISPERSE AP, liquid colouring agent for film-coating dispersible in aqueous medium

SEPISPERSE™ Liquid products can be used to obtain perfectly uniform and reproducible colours using qualitative (PANTONE®) and quantitative (chromametry) measures.


SEPISPERSE™ products can be used for pharmaceutical applications and are manufactured in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) applicable to excipients.

All components comply with the applicable European, US and JP pharmaceutical regulations.

All the regulatory and quality documents required for registration are available on request.

Most SEPISPERSE™ DRY products can also be used for dietary supplement applications.

Furthermore, SEPPIC™ supports its customers with a wide range of services, such as Sepischool, a theoretical and practical training course on film-coating, technical assistance from a film-coating expert on customer site and a bespoke formulation offer.

Discover the different services here.


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