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The next-gen topical polymers for more robust dosage forms
Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6

Sepineo™ PHD 100 is a polymer in powder form, dedicated to the formulation of drugs and medical devices for topical, vaginal, rectal & gingival applications.

The most resistant polymeric network

Sepineo™ PHD 100 is an associative polymer combining polyelectrolytic repulsions and hydrophobic groups. This dual mechanism gives to your formulations unparalleled stability, especially under stressful conditions:

  • Up to 10% addition of electrolytes without loss of viscosity
  • Formulation of ionic APIs (e.g. up to 10% of Lidocaine hydrochloride)
  • Combinations of APIs (e.g. Betamethasone / Salicylic acid)



  • Stability at acidic pH (2 - 8)
  • High thickening power of solvents and propenetrants (ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, diethylene glycol monoethyl ether, PEG-400,...)
  • Stabilization of 20% of oil without surfactant addition

A surprising sensory profile

  • Clear aqueous gels
  • Onctuous feel with a velvety finish



Sepineo™ PHD 100 allows you to build or reinforce your dosage forms without constraint:

  • For all your projects (gels, emulsions, gel-creams, Geltrap™, powders, foaming solutions)
  • Pre-neutralized polymer
  • Cold or hot formulation process
  • Sprayability
  • High suspensive power at low doses