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Sepifit™ Protect


Synergistic complex for complete muscle protection

SEPIFIT™ PROTECT is an active complex made of carefully selected ingredients, offering complete muscle protection against fatigue and damage induced by exercise. It helps optimize performance and recovery, thanks to its synergistic antioxidant action on muscle cells.

SEPIFIT™ PROTECT has been designed to be easily formulated in food supplements in just a single intake and to bring friendly and attractive concepts to the consumers.

Everyday performance for everyone

Fitness enthusiasts, athletes, weekend warriors all have a common goal: to improve their performance and sustain an active lifestyle in the long run. To reach their objective, they need to be able to improve both their training and recovery.

The protection of muscles is one of the most efficient ways to fight fatigue and enhance recovery.

SEPIFIT™ PROTECT opens new opportunities in sports nutrition by better addressing the needs of existing consumers and by reaching new categories of active people.

Thanks to its muscle protection benefits, SEPIFIT™ PROTECT can be used in pre and post-workout formulas or in multivitamins for active people. It can also bring an additional feature to products targeting performance.

Clinically studied action

SEPIFIT™ PROTECT action has been scientifically proven by a human pilot study on 30 people practicing a regular and stable physical activity.

This randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical trial showed significant results in only 12 days of supplementation with 135 mg/day of SEPIFIT™ PROTECT on:

  • Instant Performance
  • Muscle damage and recovery

Benefits were also perceived by the consumers on performance and muscle soreness.

Recommended intake and claims

SEPIFIT™ PROTECT recommended intake is 135 mg, taken daily during exercise/activity periods or in preparation before a competition.

SEPIFIT™ PROTECT can be used in food supplements in the EU and in the USA.

Products containing SEPIFIT™ PROTECT can be eligible to nutritional and / or health claims (for example in the EU and in the USA) depending on local regulations. Conditions of use and local regulations must be verified.


Safety Data Sheet

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