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The Eco-ethical Texturizing Agent

A next generation, 100% biosourced texturizing agent, SEPIFINETM BB is an ethical alternative to synthetic texturizing powders while ensuring high sensory and mat finish in all skin care and make-up applications.


SEPPIC launches its first biodegradable texturizing powder, SEPIFINE™ BB, sourced from Brazilian babassu.  

New starch based ingredient, this natural powder constitutes a  high-performing alternative to traditional synthetic texturing agents while ensuring responsible outsourcing.

A Fine and ultra-light powder, SEPIFINE™ BB displays high capacity in oil absorption and offers a pleasant mattifying effect. SEPIFINE™ BB guarantees equally high sensorial sensations compared to synthetic powders : a soft, sliding and velvet touch for natural formulas.

Major advantage of SEPIFINE™ BB is its versatility : it can be incorporated in various cosmetic preparations: make-up, skin care, sunscreens.

SEPIFINE™ BB for an eco-ethical choice:

  • By-product of babassu oil harvesting, the inner membrane (flesh of the nut) is dried-up and ground
  • Babassu nuts are collected in the Brazilian area of Matas dos Cocais according to Origens Brasil® program in order to provide transparency and traceability in the supply chain
  • Simple manufacturing process with low environmental impact


  • NATRUE pending
  • 100% natural origin, NOI = 1 (Natural Origin Index) according to ISO 16128
  • Non-ecotoxic and readily biodegradable
  • Natural polymer, unconcerned by european regulation on microplastics


Aspect : fine white powder

Solubility : water and oil dispersible 
Preservative-free, Non GMO
Cold processable

Performances :

  • Oil absorption
  • Mattifying effect
  • Velvety soft skin finish
  • Sliding
  • Limits stickiness in sunscreen formulas

Recommended dose of use:

  • 0.5 to 10% in emulsions or gel
  • 0.5 to 50 % in powder formula

Material Safety Data Sheet

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Suitable for most formulation types : emulsion, compact or loose powders, cream-gel 
Sprayable up to 2%
Many applications : skin care, make-up, sunscreen.

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