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Powder form, ready-to-use gastrosoluble film-coating agents

The SEPIFILM™ PW is a range of HPMC-based ready-to-use film-coating agents that gives an elegant finish to tablets.

A beneficial film-coating system

The product formulations in the SEPIFILM™ PW range are optimized for aesthetic film-coating. They are designed for dispersion in water but are also compatible with organic media.

The SEPIFILM™ PW products are available in powder form and in white, colourless and 13 further colours.
Each colour is created from a single pigment in order to facilitate the submission of a marketing authorisation dossier. The colour can be lightened by adding SEPIFILM™ PW White or SEPIFILM™ White Titanium Free. 

To provide moisture protection to your tablets,  SEPIFILM™ PW colored can be combined with SEPIFILM™ LP.

Main benefits

Due to its low viscosity and its powdered form, SEPIFILM™ PW has both economic and technical benefits:

  • Simple and rapid dispersion
  • 20% dry matter in dispersion without increasing viscosity
  • Time saving (up to 30%) during the film-coating process


SEPIFILM™ PW products can be used for pharmaceutical applications and are manufactured in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) applicable to excipients.
All components comply with the applicable European, US and JP pharmaceutical regulations.
All the regulatory and quality documents required for registration are available on request.

Warning, there are restrictions applicable to some pigments in countries outside Europe. Contact SEPPIC for more information

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Safety Data Sheet

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