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The biomimetic anti-sagging ingredient to improve the firmness of the skin

Sagacious™ is a biomimetic anti-ageing active, inspired by the behavior of plants in space that synthesize molecules from the glycolipid family to maintain their integrity. Seppic has managed to extract this molecular family from Himanthalia elongata seaweed through an eco-designed process called "Cœur d’algue", providing proven anti-sagging benefits (skin firmness and marked nasolabial folds). The seaweed is organic, sourced in France and sustainably harvested.

To remember
  1. Biomimetic approach
  2. Eco-designed and patented extraction process “Cœur d’algue”
  3. Acts on all skin layers down to the dermo-hypodermal junction
  4. Anti-sagging, improves firmness and reduces the visibility of nasolabial folds


The biomimetic approach of SAGACIOUS™ is based on the observation of plants growing in space, facing structural disorganizations unlike plants growing on Earth. To compensate for these shape issues, plants growing in space synthesize specific molecules from the glycolipid family, SQDGs (sulfoquinovosyldiacylglycerols). Among several seaweeds studied in a screening program, Himanthalia elongata was identified as the best source of SQDGs and they were extracted using an eco-designed and patented process ‘Cœur d’algue’.

SAGACIOUS™ is a patented active ingredient of marine origin with proven anti-sagging efficacy with a global action on all skin layers. 

1. Via in vitro and ex vivo models, it has been demonstrated:

  • A strengthening of the dermo-epidermal junction through boosted collagen synthesis,
  • Strengthening of the tensile forces in the dermis via the boosted synthesis of mechanoreceptors and mechanosensitive proteins,
  • Strengthening of the dermo-hypodermal junction via the boosted synthesis of type I procollagen. 

2. Via innovative in vivo tests, it has been demonstrated that:

  • The skin is visibly 8 times firmer with SAGACIOUS™ 
  • The visibility of nasolabial folds is reduced by 7.1% on average with SAGACIOUS™ compared to placebo.


  • Anti-aging skincare
  • Décolleté
  • Firmness
  • Body care


INCI name : Propanediol, Himanthalia elongata extract

  • Water soluble
  • Natural product, subject to climatic variations: a slight beige color may appear in the formulas. Easy to formulate.
  • Natural origin
  • Use level: 2%
  • No preservative
  • China compliant (IECIC & IECSC list), Cosmos approved, MassBalance, NaTrue and Halal certified, vegan friendly, NOC (ISO16128) = 100%


Safety data sheet

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