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REBATEN™-édulcorants intenses naturels-stévia

REBATEN™ range

Intense sweeteners from natural origin

To meet the growing demand for natural and low-sugar products from consumers, SEPPIC offers steviol glycosides extracted from stevia rebaudiana leaves.

Products from REBATEN™ range are non-caloric sweeteners with an exceptional taste profile.

Our different extracts

REBATEN™ 97% and REBATEN™ 60% are steviol glycosides highly purified in Rebaudioside A.

Rebaudioside A is one of the steviol glycosides naturally present in Stevia leaves. It is considered the sweetest one, with the strongest sweetening power and no liquorish or aftertaste.

Products from REBATEN™ range come as a white crystalline powder with high stability under pH, light and heat conditions. Also, their amounts of residual solvents are low.

All grades follow the JECFA recommendations and are also compliant with the EU specifications (E 960) and the US standards.

Products from REBATEN™ range are all Kosher and Halal certified.

Grade Rebaudioside A content Steviol glycosides content
REBATEN™ 97%  97% min 97% min
REBATEN™ 60% 60% min 95% min

A perfect alternative to sugar

  • A strong sweetening power: 200 to 250 times sweeter than sugar for REBATEN™ 97% and up to 150 times sweeter for REBATEN™ 60%.
  • A natural and non-caloric alternative with a glycemic-index equal to 0.
  • Non cariogenic.
  • Can be used for a partial or full replacement of sugar. For a partial replacement, the same taste can be obtained by adding 30% max. of Stevia instead of sugar.
  • Suitable for many food applications (including ice creams, biscuits/bakery, fruits preparations, confectionery and dietary supplements) in EU and in many others countries.

REBATEN™ 97%, our highly purified extract of Stevia

REBATEN™ 97% is the purest grade in Rebaudioside A.

It is the most intense sweetener of the range, 200 to 250 times sweeter than sugar and is highly stable under light, pH and heat conditions.

It complies with EU (E 960) and US food regulations and presents a highly purified profile with very low amounts of residual solvents.

  JECFA specifications Rebaten 97% specifications
Steviol glycosides content 95% min 97% min (Reb A)
Residual solvent: EtOH < 5000 mg/kg < 50 mg/kg
Residual solvent: MeOH < 200 mg/kg < 50 mg/kg

This product allows very low levels of use in food products which makes it well suited to table-top sweeteners, bakery, biscuits, chewing gums, confectionery, dairy products and dietary supplements as a sugar replacement.

It can be easily used in association with others sugar replacers or also as a taste-masking agent in food supplements as a sugar replacement.

REBATEN™ 97% is Kosher and Halal certified.


Products from the REBATEN™ range are manufactured by DAEPYUNG. The Korean company DAEPYUNG has been a leader in stevia extract production since 1995.

SEPPIC distributes REBATEN™ products in most European countries, as well as in Israel, Iran, Island and Turkey.



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