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REBATEN 97% pharmaceutical sweetener natural stevia extract


Sweetener, natural extract of highly-purified stevia (97%)

The sweetener REBATEN 97% is a highly purified (97%) natural extract from the stevia rebaudiana plant. Stevia is an innovative high potency sweetener offering the unique combination of "zero calorie" and a natural origin.

The sweetener REBATEN 97% in pharmaceutical applications.

Stevia extract, made from stevia rebaudiana leaves, mainly contains the steviol glycosides: Rebaudiosides A, C, D, E; Dulcosides A, B; Stevioside; Steviolbioside.
These steviol glycosides have different sweetening powers.

Rebaudioside A has a more pronounced taste than the other steviol glycosides and is one of the sweetest ones. With its nice taste and lack of bitterness, REBATEN 97% is exclusively composed of Rebaudioside A.

REBATEN 97% is in compliance with the FCC monograph for Rebaudioside A and then complies with the quality and safety prerequisite conditions to be used as an excipient in pharmaceutical products.

REBATEN 97% is used to meet formulators’ requirements for developing new pharmaceutical formulations.

  • Taste masking for tablet coating containing bitter APIs
  • Sweetener for ODTs (Orally Disintegrating Tablets) or effervescent tablets
  • Sweetener of liquid forms (syrups, suspensions, …) combined with a thickening agent

Patient and manufacturer benefits of the sweetener REBATEN 97%

Benefits of REBATEN 97% for patients:

  • No calorie
  • Natural origin
  • A glycemic index of 0
  • Non-cariogenic
  • A sweet taste
  • No intestinal distress

Benefits of REBATEN 97% for manufacturers:

  • Highly stable: temperature, pH, light
  • Soluble in water and solvents
  • Non-fermentable
  • Very low level of residual solvent
  • 200 to 250 times sweeter than sugar


The sweetener REBATEN 97% is manufactured by the Korean company, DAEPYUNG, which is well-known on the stevia rebaudiana market.
Specialized in the production and marketing of stevia plant extracts for over 15 years, our partner is a leader on the Asian market.

SEPPIC is the exclusive distributor of DAEPYUNG’s REBATEN Stevia extracts throughout Europe and the United States as well as in Iran, Israel and Turkey.


Safety Data Sheet

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