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PHARMACOAT® - HPMC - hypromellose - film-forming- polymer - agent - binding - film-coating - tablets – granulation


Low-viscosity hypromellose - gastro-soluble film-forming polymer and binder

The PHARMACOAT® range can be used as a gastro-soluble film-forming polymer for film-coating and as a wet granulation binder for tablet manufacturing.

The PHARMACOAT® range from SHIN ETSU is compliant with Ph.Eur, JP and USP.

Film-forming polymer and granulation binder

Film-forming polymer for coating

The excipients in the PHARMACOAT® range have the following properties:

  • Excellent, easy to use film-forming agent
  • No interaction with the active ingredient
  • Soluble in water or in organic solvents
  • Rapid dissolution of the film

Product range

The excipients in the PHARMACOAT® range can be used as a wet granulation binder and a film-forming polymer.

The main characteristic differentiating the different PHARMACOAT® grades is viscosity.

Grade Type Labeled viscosity (cP)
603   3
606 Hypromellose 2910 6
615   15

The products in the PHARMACOAT® range are manufactured in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices applicable to excipients.
All the regulatory and quality documents required for registration are available on request.


The Japanese company SHIN ETSU is a leader in cellulose chemistry.
SHIN ETSU develops pharmaceutical excipients and particularly cellulosic polymers for a range of applications such as film-coating, compression and matrices.

SEPPIC distributes SHIN ETSU products in Western and Southern Europe and several other countries.



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