SEPPIC launches TECA™ Pharma, its active pharmaceutical ingredient for wound healing and venous insufficiency

  • October 29, 2018
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SEPPIC launches TECA™ Pharma, its active pharmaceutical ingredient for wound healing and venous insufficiency

At CPHI 2018, in Madrid, SEPPIC put a major emphasis on TECA™ Pharma, its regenerative Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API).

Centella asiatica is a plant originating from Madagascar, known for centuries for its wound healing properties. Extraction and characterization of its active compounds first occurred in 1948 and was followed in 1959 by the launch of the first drug based on Centella Asiatica compounds for wound healing applications.

The Serdex Company, a subsidiary of Seppic, was thus created to manufacture the active ingredient of this drug, TECA™ Pharma. Following its recent acquisition of Serdex, SEPPIC is now offering to its customers this API with a Good Manufacturing Practices certification for TECA™ Pharma and an Active Substance Master File to support regulatory filing.

TECA™ Pharma has a history of use in topical applications, either alone for wound healing or in association with other APIs for its regenerative properties. TECA™ Pharma is also used in oral application with proven efficacy in venous insufficiency & diabetic microangiopathy.

While being known for a long time, Centella asiatica is still far from having revealed all its secrets. Investigations are still being carried on this plant’s medicinal properties and recent findings suggest that Centella asiatica extracts may be efficient for improving wound healing in diabetic patients, an unmet medical need with much expectations from the pharmaceutical industry.

SEPPIC is offering this API worldwide thanks to its global distribution network, and proposing technical formulation solutions to its customers through synergistic excipient expertise.

Benjamin Gavinet, Dermopharmacy Market Manager, explains: “TECA™ Pharma is an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient with 60 years of proven efficacy and safety, through active market presence & clinical trials. Along with our Dermopharmacy excipients portfolio, we can support customers through the whole product development process.”

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