Co-development of a GMP emulsion-based adjuvant for human prophylactic vaccines

  • April 27, 2020
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Co-development of a GMP emulsion-based adjuvant for human prophylactic vaccines

Seppic and the Vaccine Formulation Institute (VFI) are moving one step further in their partnership by finalizing the development of their first oil-in-water adjuvant designed for human prophylactic vaccines. 

Seppic and VFI are currently finalizing the industrialization at a Seppic plant in France. The product, manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices, will be available in open access for clinical research from second half of 2020.

Despite outstanding progress in vaccination, improving access to vaccines protecting against the most common and serious diseases is a global health priority. Guaranteeing availability of safe and effective adjuvants to all vaccine developers is a concrete action to face this major challenge. 

For more than 25 years, Seppic has been committed to improving global health by designing and supplying adapted adjuvant solutions at industrial scale, to all vaccines producers. 

Reaffirming their shared commitments, Seppic and VFI combine their expertise to jointly develop their first open access squalene oil-in-water adjuvant for prophylactic human vaccines. Oil-in-water adjuvant systems are already used in life-saving vaccines with demonstrated safety and efficacy profiles. They are promising for various prophylactic vaccine applications, including seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines.

Francois Bertrand, who leads Seppic's adjuvant activities said: “This co-development illustrates our commitment to bring a ready-to-use adjuvant to the vaccine community. We strongly believe it will accelerate the development of new prophylactic human vaccines and contribute to a healthier future, everywhere and for everyone”. 

Nicolas Collin and Patrice Dubois, Directors of VFI, said: “Adjuvants are essential components of modern vaccines. However getting access to GMP grade adjuvants has been an ongoing challenge for the vaccine community. We are excited that this co-development will enable for the first time the vaccine community to openly access an oil-in-water adjuvant suitable for use with human prophylactic vaccines”.

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