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Assistance services

Helping our customers with the use of pharmaceutical excipients
Pharmaceuticals Assistance services

As a supplier of pharmaceutical excipients, Seppic provides its customers with a range of services so that they find the solution that best suits their needs and derive the best performance from Seppic ingredients.

Formulation assistance

With our galenic expertise, we provide tailored ingredients and technical solutions. For instance, thanks to color matching studies for film coating excipients, we can help you choose the formulation that matches your needs.

Our application laboratory, specializing in semi-solid form, participates in product development to guarantee optimal performance, as well as in realizations of formula that illustrate applications and guide our customers in their projects.

Quality approach

Our excipients for pharmaceutical applications comply with the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices as defined by the EXCiPACT™ referential, guaranteeing production control, product quality, and traceability. Our analytical methods are preferably derived from current pharmacopoeias. In the absence of a method, we develop and validate a method adapted to the physicochemical characteristics of our excipients.

Technical client assistance

We support our customers in transposing laboratory technologies to an industrial scale. For instance, for film coating-related challenges, we provide on-site assistance to help our customers carry out a successful scale-up and solve any industrial difficulties related to our technologies.


We provide Sepischools, technical film coating training courses designed for our customers, professionals in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry who wish to acquire skills and expertise in tablet coating. These training courses take place in our laboratories in Castres, France. Dermoschools, dedicated to topical forms, are also regularly organized at our sites in Castres and Paris to train our customers in formulating with our pharmaceutical excipients.

Regulatory assistance

Upon request, we provide our customers with complete regulatory files necessary for the development and marketing of their pharmaceutical products in various countries and provide assistance on all regulatory issues related to our ingredients.