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EU07537A - Perfuming body mist

EU07537A - Perfuming body mist

Highly fragranced & protective emulsion

Perfuming Body Mist is the new multifunctional daily gesture. This handy product is ideal to perfume your body without alcoholic base.

SAKADIKIUM™ protects the skin against air pollution and prevents chronological aging activated by UVA. It is combined to sun filter for a broader UV protection.
FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY emulsifies a challenging oil phase with a high perfume content (2%) and sun filters (10.5%).
SEPIMAX ZEN™ effectively stabilizes this low viscous formula. It is combined to SIMULGEL™ I-NS 100 for an optimal sprayability.
LANOL 37T solubilizes the organic sunscreens. It is associated to EMOGREEN™ L15 which brings glide-on, light touch, soft and powdery finish.

The new daily gesture to perfume and protect your skin during summer time!

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EU07537A - Perfuming body mist

EU07537A - Perfuming body mist

  • April 10, 2019
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