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EU07576 - Perfect blend

EU07576 - Perfect blend

High coverage white base

PERFECT BLEND is ideal for DIY concept or for an optimized industrial production. It combines inclusivity, sensoriality performance and caring benefits.

GELTRAP™ is the perfect DIY base. It provides freshness during application and leaves a very comfortable afterfeel. Its gel-in-oil texture, created by the combination of EASYNOV™ and SEPINOV™ EMT 10, allows the incorporation of a high quantity of pigments (14%) bringing a very good coverage. It also provides water and sweat resistance: ideal for long lasting foundations!

The combination of EMOGREEN™ L15 and EMOGREEN™ L19 has been optimized to combine good playtime and a powdery soft finish.EMOGREEN™ also allow an efficient and stable pigments dispersion.

This base also provides skin care benefits: AQUAXYL™ ensures an intense skin moisturization while SAKADIKIUM™ protects the skin against blue light and pollution.

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EU07576 - Perfect blend

EU07576 - Perfect blend

  • June 26, 2019
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