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STARCH PC-10: pregelatinized starch


Pregelatinized Starch

Pregelatinized starch PC-10 is modified starch obtained by physical modification of corn starch and remains starch like particle structure. It is inert with a good flowability and an high water absorbing capacity.

Pregelatinized starch PC-10 is versatile excipients, such as pH-independent disintegrant, granulation aid or stabilizer of water sensitive drugs.

It swells in water without dissolving.

Features and functions

Pregelatinized starch PC-10 can be used as:

  • Stabilizer for moisture-sensitive drugs
  • Carrier for hygroscopic ingredients
  • Dissolution enhancer
  • Granulation aid


There is one grade of pregelatinized starch PC-10 with the following characteristics:

Commercial name Ave. particle size (µm) Density (g/cm3)
Pregelatinized starch PC-10 70 0,5

Pregelatinized starch PC-10 is manufactured following the current excipient Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).
Pregelatinized starch PC-10 conforms to USP/NF; Ph.Eur and JPE pharmacopeia.

The regulatory and quality package is available on request.


PC-10 Pregelatinized starch is manufactures by Asahi Kasei Corporation.
Asahi Kasei Corporation is a Japanese company who is manufacturing mineral products and cellulose derivatives for a multitude of pharmaceutical applications.

SEPPIC distributes these products in Europe for Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

Asahi Kasei


Safety Data Sheet

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