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AS40128 - O/W/O moisturizing cream


This cream is an O/W/O emulsion, providing easy spreading, soft final touch and long lasting moisturization.

Multiple emulsions are used to encapsulate and to protect active ingredients. They can be carried and released in a controlled manner. Multiple emulsions also reinforce moisturizing and nourishing action of the product. O/W/O emulsions are challenging to formulate and to stabilise.

The internal oil phase is emulsified by MONTANOV™ 202 into an aqueous phase thickened and stabilized by SIMULGEL™ NS to make a thick O/W emulsion. This O/W emulsion is emulsified by EASYNOV™ into emollients to form the O/W/O emulsion. This technology keeps the liquid crystals promoted by MONTANOV™ 202.

3% of AQUAXYL™ offers intense hydration and reduces water loss.

The skin is perfectly moisturised, comfortable, plump and radiant.

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AS40128 - O/W/O moisturizing cream