SEPPIC sets up in Dubai

  • May 12, 2011
  • 2 mins of read time

SEPPIC sets up in Dubai

To strengthen its development in the Near and Middle East, SEPPIC has opened an office in Dubai, the region’s strategic crossroads.

SEPPIC opened its Dubai office on the AIR LIQUIDE premises. This sales office is staffed by experts in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sectors. From its strategic base in Dubai, SEPPIC will focus on a wide geographical area stretching from Egypt to Pakistan. The aim is to serve clients in this economically buoyant zone and to double sales revenues in the region within five years.

SEPPIC will provide its specialty ingredients and technical expertise to local industrial businesses, helping them grow in these developing markets and foster their creative talents. 
The main challenge will be to cater to the specific needs of each market and adapt SEPPIC's offer to meet regional requirements. Local industries will be able to call upon SEPPIC's services and expertise in drug coating. In the cosmetics market, SEPPIC will leverage its regional presence to tailor its textures and products.

Vincent Ganne, Head of SEPPIC's Health & Beauty BU declared: "The markets in the Middle East are varied and all have their own distinctive local features. But they share a common economic dynamic and a strong business ethic. SEPPIC has the products and expertise to help these markets develop. With our local presence, we will be better placed to understand and serve these specific needs. And we will be better able to build close and lasting ties with our customers."